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Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying Mirrors Can Help You See Yourself Clearly and in a New Light. Magnifying mirrors are a welcome addition to any bathroom, bedroom or powder room in the home. With powerful magnification up to 5X, the vision impaired can have an easier time putting on makeup or removing makeup, combing their hair or just tidying up their appearance. With various types of magnifying mirrors available, it should be no problem finding the right one to fit your décor. Wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors, even lighted makeup mirrors all offer the powerful magnification that the visually impaired require. Given as a gift, your friend or family member with low vision is bound to cherish their wall mounted magnifying mirror. For individuals with low vision, it can be frustrating to use a mirror. It can be very difficult to find proper focus when dealing with a regular mirror. The magnifying mirrors listed below offer a comfortable solution for the vision impaired when it comes to using a mirror.


  • 5x Stand Mirror

    5x Stand Mirror

    This 7 inch diameter hand held mirror has 5X magnification on one side and a regular mirror on the other—perfect for low vision individuals. With the detachable Lucite stand, you can also use this mirror hands free. Includes 90 day warranty.

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  • 7x Adjustable Gooseneck Mirror

    7x Adjustable Gooseneck Mirror

    This 7X magnifying mirror has a 6" diameter face to make it easy for individuals with low vision to use. The mirror has an adjustable gooseneck and can stand on your dresser or make-up table. It also has suction cups to allow for attachment to your...

    MSRP: $25.99
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  • 10X/1X Cordless LED Mirror

    10X/1X Cordless LED Mirror

    This battery operated, LED mirror has one mirror that is 10X and the other side offers 1X magnification. The 7" wide dual sided mirrors are optical quality glass and stand 14" tall. Eco-friendly LED bulbs will never need replacing. Cordless operation...

    MSRP: $79.99
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  • Double Sided, 5x/10x Mirror

    Double Sided, 5x/10x Mirror

    This mirror has 5X magnification on one end and 10X magnification on the other. The variety of magnification is helpful for low vision individuals. This mirror has an 11" flexible gooseneck and can stand on either end like a vanity mirror or can be...

    MSRP: $34.99
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