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Monoculars for Low Vision

Like a mini telescope, monoculars can be the most versatile of low vision aids.  Monoculars magnify objects at a distance, assisting the user in distance vision.  They are easy to use, small, and convenient.  LS&S offers the high-quality S. Walters brand of monoculars in different powers as well as LS&S brand monoculars that offer very good optics and a reasonable price.

  • 3x9 Specwell Monocular

    3x9 Specwell Monocular

    Specwell monoculars are wonderful monoculars. They feature great quality optics, excellent engineering, and easy focusing capabilities. This spectacle mountable monocular is great for people wanting hands free use of their monocular, but are not needing...

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  • 3.8x11 Specwell Monocular

    3.8x11 Specwell Monocular

    Specwell Monoculars offer great quality optics at a reasonable price for sight impaired users. These handheld monoculars have dual purpose scopes, which work well for both near and distance viewing. This product includes an eye cup, neck strap, and...

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