About LS&S

LS&S serves the needs of the visually impaired and hard of hearing and has been doing so for nearly 38 years. We have grown to be one of largest providers in the US of low vision aids, magnifiers, assistive technology, and amplifying products for one reason: our focus on the customer.  

LS&S is a family-run business that is responsive to customers, active in the industry, and rewarding for people involved with the company.


What you'll experience at LS&S

Products that make a difference: We select our products to provide and enhance independence, safety, and confidence. We are always looking for new and innovating products, and we carefully evaluate them for performance, quality, and value. If you have product that you would like to see us carry, please contact us.

Meaningful customer service: We have knowledgeable and helpful customer service representatives to assist you with any questions about our products and services. We can also assist with product usage and instructions.

Many e-commerce sites boast about “customer service” while simply dropping shipping a product to you at higher prices, rarely taking the time to properly assist, you, the buyer. Customer service at LS&S means taking the time to listen to consumers and buyers. We understand the challenges with low vision and blindness, and you'll find friendly and patient assistance at LS&S, ready to "try because you try."


Who we serve

Consumers and Caregivers – Maintaining an independent lifestyle requires a positive attitude, creativity, and certainly a little tenacity. LS&S is here to help.

We offer products and advice that improve confidence, safety, independence, and accessibility. You’ll find daily living aids to help manage your activities, magnifiers and CCTV’s to read more effectively, and amplified telephones and assistive listening devices to understand conversations.

We’ll take the time to listen; we’ll take the time to instruct; and we’ll be here if you need to process your return if the product did not meet your needs. We are happy to help the person needing the product as well as adult children helping out a parent.

Request a catalog. Give us a call and talk to us. You’ll appreciate our service. And you’ll be glad you’re on that path to independence.


Institutional Markets – We serve organizations in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and most of Europe.

Veterans Administration – LS&S has served the needs of the VA and our veterans as long as the company has been in operation. We hold two FSS contracts: V797D-30212 for Low Vision Aids and V797D-30079 for Mobility Canes.

State Agencies - LS&S is big enough to serve yet small enough to care. If it isn’t hard enough, states require agencies to do more with less, creating the need for responsive partners, and LS&S can help you meet the challenge. From large volume requirements to that single last-minute order, you’ll find LS&S has competitive prices, adept order processing, expert product knowledge, and attentive after-sale support.

Education – With our special product knowledge in vision, mobility, and hearing, we can assist you in finding the right accessibility products that work with your school’s budget and your student’s IEP requirements. We attended our first AER conference in 1987 and are proud members of the IAER.

Not-for-Profits – LS&S supports the needs of national and local not-for-profits that serve the needs of the elderly, visually impaired, or blind. We’ll take the time to understand your mission, and we’ll help you find solutions that meet your goals and objectives. We can help in other ways, too, with catalogs, product training guides, conferences announcements, web links, and other awareness programs.

Assistive Living / Independent Living Centers – Let us help your residents gain independence. Talking products, amplified phones, and amplifying devices are simple and cost-effective ways to improve interactions with residents, staff, and family. We can also provide catalogs for your residents.

Eye Care Professionals – Low Vision is becoming an important part of the eye care practice. LS&S has been offering low vision aids for nearly 38 years. We offer Reinecker, Coil, Humanware, Walters, Beecher, NoIR, and other quality products. Let us show you what products work well in a low vision program.

Audiologists – We offer Clarity, Serene, Silent Call, Sonic Alert, and other great brands.

Resellers – Selling products that help people is a nice business. If you have a storefront or e-commerce site serving your community, take advantage of our size to get wholesale pricing on a broad offering of products.