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Large Print Bingo

  • Low Vision Bingo Card

    Low Vision Bingo Card

    Made out of heavy duty stock, these Low Vision Bingo Cards are built to last. The large print makes these cards great for people who have trouble finding numbers.Features Ideal for visually impaired Rounded corners to decrease the possibility of paper...

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  • Finger Tip Bingo Card

    Finger Tip Bingo Card

    This Bingo Card allows for the player to simply by the flick of a finger mark your number. Also has a see-thru red plastic shutter so the players can double check. In order to clear simply brush hand over card. This is a great addition to your bingo...

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  • Large Bingo Card

    Large Bingo Card

    Our Large Bingo Card is easy for bingo players to use no matter what age or condition. High contrast with black numbers on white background makes it easy to see. The outlined boxes in red allow for a player to easily note where each square is located. ...

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