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Talking Clocks

  • Talking Pedometer

    Talking Pedometer

    Talking pedometer can help you stay in shape with a regular activity regime.   Results can be announced in distance and in steps Distance can be reported in miles or kilometers talking alarm clock announces the time uses 1 CR2025 battery,...

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  • Curve Talking Clock

    Curve Talking Clock

    The Curve Talking Clock is designed for sight impaired users, featuring a large LCD display and extra-large high-contrast speak button. Designed with users in mind, this clock has hourly time announcements, adjustable volume control, and easy to push...

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  • Pyramid Talking Clock

    Pyramid Talking Clock

    The Pyramid Talking Clock announces the time when the top button is pressed. For the daily alarm feature, choose between a crowing noise or a loud signal. The setting features are on the underside of the clock which makes it less likely to get reset in...

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  • Talking Alarm Clock

    Talking Alarm Clock

    This modern teardrop shaped clock features large, black numbers on a white face for high contrast visibility. This clock is one of our louder talking clocks—great for low vision and hard of hearing users—and will announce the time hourly or...

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  • SALE
    Talking Penguin Clock

    Talking Penguin Clock

    This Talking Penguin Clock is great for children and people looking to add a little whimsy to their lives. Clock features a clear speaking voice and bold, easy-to-see numbers on a digital display. This is an ideal low vision product to add to any room in...

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    Now: $9.00
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  • Talking Travel Clock

    Talking Travel Clock

    This Talking Travel Clock folds closed to protect the setting buttons from accidental changes. This clock is small enough to fit in your Handheld and the cover folds back to form a stand. With only four buttons, picking the button you need is easy. The...

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