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Portable Lighting & Flash Lights

Portable Lights, Flashlights and Book Lights

Portable lights come in handy especially when you least expect it. An electrical outage can be a frightening experience if you aren’t prepared with an alternative lighting source. With the recent weather-related emergencies across the country, it’s more pertinent than ever to have an emergency kit with first aid and portable lights. The portable lights listed below come in various designs to meet certain needs. The visor lamps allow your hands to remain free to work. The bright LED mini flashlight is an ideal portable light to keep stashed in an emergency kit or in a drawer where it can be easily grabbed if necessary. The portable book light can be used to read a story to a child to calm them down before bed, or to read in bed while your partner rests beside you. Portable emergency lamps can be just what you need to get through a dark and dreary night with no electricity.