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Hearing Aids and Accessories

Hearing aids - both medically prescribed and Over the Counter (OTC) - are can help people with hearing loss engage again in the converations around them.  Maintenance tools help protect and prolong the life of those hearing aids.  New OTC hearing aids from Lucid Hearing are a great way to explore the use of hearing aids before engaging with the more technical, medically fitted hearing aids

  • image: hearing aid battery tester

    Hearing Aid Battery Tester

    Pocket sized battery tester can easily slide into a purse, pocket, or keychain to allow you to quickly test your hearing aid batteries, whereever you may be.  It also  contains a slot to carry a spare battery.  These help ensure that your...

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  • image: hearing aid dryer

    Renew Hearing Aid Dryer

    Hearing aid dryer uses dry, gentle heat and air convection to dehumidify, refresh, and sanitize hearing aids as well as cochlear implant processors.  Drying process removes harmful surface moisture and UV-light inhibits bacterial growth, and can...

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