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  • Number Braille Blocks Number Braille Blocks

    Number Braille Blocks

    These Number Braille Blocks are great for teaching children about Braille. Each block is very detailed and allow the child to trace the print to feel the numbers. The bright and vibrant colors stand out and can be fun for sighted children. These wooden...

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  • Raised Line Coloring Book

    Raised Line Coloring Book

    This coloring book is ideal for any child. The raised lines allow not sighted or sight impaired children to feel the lines when coloring. This coloring book is a great teaching aid to show children how to color and what color to use. Features ...

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  • BrailleBox


    Handy Braille teaching tool comes with 12 removable pegs – enough to make 2 braille letters. Wooden box with sliding removable top stores the pegs when not in use. The BrailleBox is an intricately carved teak board with 12 wooden pegs (each...

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  • Wikki Sticks, 48 Count

    Wikki Sticks, 48 Count

    Bright, flexible, bendable pieces that adhere to almost any surface. Shape and re-shape them to demonstrate shapes of continents, letters, animals, or even basic circle and squares. Basic Package: 48 8" pieces in primary colors and black and white.

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  • Braille Flashcards - Counting

    Braille Flashcards - Counting

    These Braille flash cards are a great way to provide early Braille instruction. The Basic Shapes set teaches shapes, size, and relative positioning. The Counting Cards offer a different series of shapes to teach 0 – 10. The Advanced Shapes help...

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