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  • 5 Channel TV Remote

    5 Channel TV Remote

    Big button, color coded universal TV remote can be programmed for 5 pre-set favorite stations, making it much easier for a user to find their favorite TV stations.  A few simple, high contrast buttons, in an easy-to-hold form make the whole unit...

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  • lumivisor image

    Illuminated Visor Headband

    This magnifying visor with LED lighting can offer 4 different magnification strengths using a combination of 3 different permanently attached lenses.  Magnification can be available in 2X, 3X, 5X and 6X, depending on the combination of lenses used...

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  • Large Print Diabetes Log

    Large Print Diabetes Log

    This Diabetes Care Daily Log helps diabetics with low vision to monitor their health. The very large, bold headings make it easy to record blood sugar level, dosage and other pertinent data. The booklet measures 8.5" x 5.5" and has a thick protective...

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  • Phone Auto Hang Up Box

    Phone Auto Hang Up Box

    If someone you know often forgets to hang up their corded or cordless phone, leaving the line busy and unavailable, this product will help. Phone plugs into the box and the box will  automatically release the line if the phone is not hung up...

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  • Adjustable Color Floor Lamp

    Adjustable Color Floor Lamp

    This attractive floor lamp can provide illumination in 2 different color temperatures – depending on your needs or the room condition.  22W white lighting has a Kelvin color temperature of 5,600K  for whiter lighting and 1,700 lumens of...

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  • Luna 8" Electronic Magnifier Luna 8" Electronic Magnifier

    Luna 8" Electronic Magnifier

    The Luna 8 is a high resolution video magnifier that is notable for its extreme simplicity yet exceptional functionality.  All activity is controlled from 5 buttons on the front, and there are no complex functions to confuse a user.  Its 13...

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  • Cloverbook LITE 12.5"

    Cloverbook LITE 12.5"

    The 12.5” CloverBook Lite offers a large, Full HD (FHD) touchscreen electronic magnifier in a portable , integrated stand that you can use to carry the CloverBook anywhere you go.  When opened in the stand, CloverBook Lite can stand freely on...

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