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  • front of clock clock on table with woman in background

    Digital Day Clock, 7"

    Our 7" day clock is wonderful for people either with low vision or memory loss.  The white on black high resolution LED clock and calendar uses no abbreviations and has great high contrast, making it easier for people to read and understand...

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  • Cell Phone Magnifier Stand Cell Phone Magnifier Stand

    Cell Phone Magnifier Stand

    Personal cell phone or tablet rests in an integrated stand, behind a 12” magnifying screen, offering a hands-free enlarged view of the cell phone screen.  This makes it great for watching movies and long term viewing.  Folding stand folds...

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  • Orbit Reader 20 Plus

    Orbit Reader 20 Plus

    The Orbit Reader 20 PLUS features all of the features of the Orbit Reader 20, plus some additional enhancements.  The Orbit Reader 20 is a unique 3-in-1 electronic braille device that serves as a self-contained note-taker,  braille display, and...

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  • Motion Sensor Night Lights

    Motion Sensor Night Lights

    Motion activated lights will turn on automatically if they detect any motion, making them a great safety tool for stairs, dark hallways, closets or any threshold. No longer worry about fumbling for a light if you wake up in the middle of the night. ...

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  • SALE
    OrCam Read OrCam Read

    OrCam Read

    OrCam Read is a first-of-its-kind handheld scanner and reader that instantly reads aloud text from any printed surface or digital screen. Point and click the marker-sized device and capture either full pages of text or target where to begin reading by...

    Was: $1,990.00
    Now: $1,750.00
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  • Recordable Greeting Card Recordable Greeting Card

    Recordable Greeting Card

    Blank, white greeting card comes with a slim built in recording device so that you can record your own, personalized message to send to a loved one for the holidays or other special occasion.  Record something funny; record something touching. ...

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  • 4.3" Portable CCTV 4.3" Portable CCTV

    4.3" Portable CCTV

    The FullHD digital magnifier offers a 4.3" high resolution screen with fluid HD viewing.   • 4.3" LCD screen offers a good viewing area with convenient pocket portability• 2X-32X magnification• 15 high contrast color combinations...

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  • Vision Buddy Television Viewer bottom view of Vision Buddy

    Vision Buddy Television Viewer

    The Vision Buddy television viewing system uses a virtual reality headset to allow a low vision user to see television programs more clearly, directly through the headset.  This brings the television viewing directly in front of the user and may...

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