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Low Vision Clocks

Large Display Clocks

When someone has low vision, everyday things like checking the time can be frustrating and difficult. Our selection large display clocks make timekeeping worry-free. Available in both analog and digital versions, these large display clocks feature big, clear numbers and hands that help make keeping track of time that much easier.

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    Digital Day Clock, 7"

    Our 7" day clock is wonderful for people either with low vision or memory loss.  The white on black high resolution LED clock and calendar uses no abbreviations and has great high contrast, making it easier for people to read and understand...

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  • Linear Flip Calendar and Clock

    Linear Flip Calendar and Clock

    Extra large low vision calendar measures 12.5" square and offers great high contrast visibility. Date digit is approximately 2.5" for easier viewing. MON-FRI days are white letters on black, SAT is white letters on green, and SUN is white letters on red,...

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  • 14 inch Analog Atomic Wall Clock

    14 inch Analog Atomic Wall Clock

    Never worry about setting the time again with this atomic wall clock—even with battery changes and Daylight Savings. This clock automatically checks for a time update once a day and features a 14" wide clock with 12.5" diameter face with 1 1/2"...

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  • 3" LED Alarm Clock

    3" LED Alarm Clock

    The Equity® Jumbo LED Display Alarm Clock is a perfect choice for those with low vision or who are visually impaired. This electric digital alarm clock not only has large bold 3 inch high digits, but it also features a 9 volt battery back for times...

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  • 2 inch Red Digits LED Alarm Clock

    2 inch Red Digits LED Alarm Clock

    This Large LED Clocks offers big, bright numbers that are easy to see for low vision users. The time is accurate after setting correctly, as this clock features Set and Forget technology so you do not have to worry about setting for Daylight Savings. ...

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  • 12 Inch Black Face Clock

    12 Inch Black Face Clock

    Our low vision clock has a black background with 1 1/4" high white numbers for easy viewing. This is a great addition to any room for both sight impaired and non. This large wall clock has white hands make it very easy to read the exact time without...

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  • 14 Wall Clock

    14 Wall Clock

    This 14" wide high visibility wall clock features extra-large 1 1/2" tall black numbers on a 13" diameter white face for users with sight impairments. Also features a second hand, step movement, and glass cover. Requires 1 AA battery – not...

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  • 18 Jumbo Quartz Clock

    18 Jumbo Quartz Clock

    The Taylor Jumbo Quartz Clock is perfect for visually impaired individuals. Featuring an 18 inch diameter white face with black 1 1/2" high numbers, this clock offers high contrast and easy readability. Specifications Black numbers on White face ...

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