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Low Vision Lighting


Proper lighting can make reading much easier for the low vision user. Generally speaking, you will require less magnification power as you increase the quality of light used.  LS&S offers a wide variety of lighting suited for a variety of purposes and preferences. These lighting units include “Big Eye” floor and desk lamps, magnifying desk and floor lamps, task lamps, natural daylight lamps and portable lighting. We also carry replacement bulbs for our lighting units.

Low Vision Lights 

LS&S provides a variety of lights for individuals with low vision. These lighting options include:

  • Magnifying Lamps - Desk lamps, clamp on desk lamps, and stationary and rolling caster floor models.
  • Big Eye Floor and Desk Lamps - Combine illumination and high intensity magnification with flexible necks.
  • Task Lamps - Table lamps; clip on goose neck lamps; swing arm clamp-on lamps; battery operated table lamps; emergency lights and under cabinet lighting, plus more.
  • Natural daylight lamps - Floor lamps and desk lamps using Verilux daylight spectrum lights and Verilux magnifier attachments; lamps with fluorescent lights; and a variety of OTT-LITE VisionSaver desk and floor lamps and magnifier attachments.
  • Floor lamps –Choose from Dazor, Luxo, Big Eye, and Giraffe. The lamps feature fixed bases, rolling casters, flexible necks; fluorescent or incandescent lighting units and more.
  • Portable lighting –Bright LED Mini Flashlight; book lights; clip on head lamps; battery operated table lamps and pocket lights.
  • Bulbs – Halogen, Chromalux, Verilux and other bulbs in a variety of watt choices.