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  • Alphabet Braille Blocks

    Alphabet Braille Blocks

    These Alphabet Braille Blocks are great for teaching children and adults about the texture of Braille. Each block is very detailed and allow the child to trace the print to feel the letters. The bright and vibrant colors stand out and can be fun for...

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  • Raised Line Coloring Book

    Raised Line Coloring Book

    This coloring book is ideal for any child. The raised lines allow not sighted or sight impaired children to feel the lines when coloring. This coloring book is a great teaching aid to show children how to color and what color to use. Features ...

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  • Tactile Alphabet Book

    Tactile Alphabet Book

    This tactile alphabet book is a great learning aid that will teach children the alphabet through Braille and reinforcing tactile images. Each page features a letter and a tactile image representing the letter, as well as the Braille and alphabetic...

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