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Large Print Calendars

Large Print Calendars

Large print calendars allow for someone with vision problems to keep track of the days with less strain on their eyes. Extra-wide blocks with big black numbers on a brilliant white background offer the ideal way for the visually impaired to keep track of special days like birthdays and holidays. The generously sized blocks have enough space to easily add in information such as doctor appointments or guest visits. The large print calendars are available in calendar only, as an appointment book-style calendar or as a re-useable dry erase board. With today’s busy lifestyles, these large print calendars are a necessity for optimal planning and organization. 

  • Large Print Appointment Book

    Large Print Appointment Book

    You'll have lots of room for managing your life in big print with this large print calendar. Each month measures 14" wide by 10" high. Each day is 2" x 2". At the beginning of each month, there is a three month view, plus a whole page for notes. *...

  • image: large 2024 low vision calendar, inside image: large 2024 low vision calendar, cover

    Large Print Calendar

    This Large Print Calendar has a sizable writing area that offers better organization and higher visibility for users with low vision. Able to be used on both walls and desks, this calendar is great for keeping your schedules, appointments, and daily...

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  • Image: extra large 2024 low vision calendar, inside Image: extra large 2024 low vision calendar, cover

    Extra Large Print Calendar

    This Extra Large Calendar has plenty of room when writing appointments, birthdays, and reminders. With pinholes on the top and bottom, hanging this calendar on a wall or cubicle at work, home, or school. The extra space makes this calendar great for low...