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Brilliant strobes, super loud phone ringers and lamp flashers are innovations used to connect to any phone in your house to notify you of an incoming call. If you suffer from low vision or are hard of hearing, you may notice it is sometimes difficult to know when someone is calling you. If you have the television or radio on, if you’re outdoors or if you’re sleeping, incoming calls may go undetected and you may miss a very important call. With telephone ringers that amplify the ringing phone, and through the use of visual notification like strobes or flashers, you greatly improve your chances of answering the phone. The telephone signalers listed below are important additions to any home where someone is hard of hearing or has low vision. They also make great gifts to show how much you care.

A stand alone telephone amplifier is a great way to better hear your existing telephone, before spending extra money on an amplified telephone.  A stand alone phone amplifier attaches to your existing corded phone and can provide up to 40dB of extra listening power.