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  • Talking Pulse Oximeter

    Talking Pulse Oximeter

    Our talking pulse oximeter will measure the oxygen level in the blood, and may help detect signs of illness or virus.  It will also speak the pulse or heart rate. Features speaks blood oxygen level speaks heart rate speaks in English or Spanish...

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  • Talking Pedometer

    Talking Pedometer

    Talking pedometer can help you stay in shape with a regular activity regime.   Results can be announced in distance and in steps Distance can be reported in miles or kilometers talking alarm clock announces the time uses 1 CR2025 battery,...

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  • Columbus Talking Compass

    Columbus Talking Compass

    This compact hand-held compass is easy to use and weighs just 3.5 ounces. Users can simply point the compass in the required direction, press the button, and the unit will speak the compass point immediately, even while running. This talking compass is...

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  • Talking Cooking Thermometer

    Talking Cooking Thermometer

    Make sure your meat is properly cooked with this loud talking food probe style thermometer. Thermometer speaks the temperature on demand, in 0.1 F increments. This probe style thermometer cannot be left in the oven. This model uses one button battery...

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  • Megavoice Bible Envoy 2

    Megavoice Bible Envoy 2

    The MegaVoice Envoy 2 Audio Bible is a solar digital player that is small, sturdy, innovative, and solar powered. At 2.4 ounces it is lightweight and it is a powerful teaching and training tool for learning the Bible. It is also a wonderful way to listen...

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  • Colorino Color Identifier

    Colorino Color Identifier

    The Colorino Color Identifier can distinguish over 150 different shades, including colors as specific as Light Red and Vivid Red. Very accurate and easy to use, Colorino is perfect for people with low vision when picking out clothes, sorting laundry, and...

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  • Talking Tape Measurer

    Talking Tape Measurer

    This 16 foot sturdy talking tape measure (with metal tape) will announce the measured length with an accuracy of .06 of an inch. Features: Consecutive distances can be measured with the memory mode for when you wish to measure something longer...

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