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Braille Products

Braille Products

LS&S Products has served the needs of the visually impaired for over twenty-six years. We offer a variety of products that will assist you or someone you love with activities of daily life despite visual difficulties. These Braille products for the blind will enable you to tell time, keep track of business and personal matters, cook and get dressed.

Our Braille products for the blind include :

  • Braille stylus pencils - Write in Braille with these pencils.
  • Braille slates - Easily read back your notes with these slates.
  • Braille story books and activity books - Entertain and educate children.
  • Braille clocks and watches - Keep track of your daily activities.
  • Big button phones - Communicate on the phone if you have low vision.
  • Tactile kitchen timers – Are helpful as you cook.
  • Desk accessories –Assist you to draw and measure.
  • Labels - Identify your clothing, cooking items, medicines and more.