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Playing Cards

Playing cards for low vision and playing cards in braille can help you enjoy card games.

  • Marinoff Large Symbol Playing Cards

    Marinoff Large Symbol Playing Cards

    Marinoff Large Playing Cards make classic card games enjoyable and accessible for low vision individuals. Made from good quality material, these cards will withstand normal wear and tear. Features Large 1-1/2" red numbers and symbols outlined in...

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  • EZC Playing Cards

    EZC Playing Cards

    Large 1-1/4" numbers are easily read by visually impaired individuals. High contrast white letters on dark red backgrounds for hearts and diamonds and black backgrounds for clubs and spades. Also has an easy to identify code for quick suit recognition.

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  • EZ Low Vision Cards - Single Pack

    EZ Low Vision Cards - Single Pack

    EZ Low Vision Playing Cards are standard Bicycle playing cards with jumbo sized markings for low vision individuals. Easy to shuffle, deal, and play, these cards are great for all players looking to enjoy a classic card games.Features Made for low...

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  • Card Holder

    Card Holder

    Attractive, fan shaped playing card holder helps keep your cards in place. Cards won't fall out even if tilted. Holder can also stand by itself on two non-skid legs.

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  • Braille Uno cards

    Braille Uno cards

    UNO is one of the world's most popular family card game, appropriate for children and adults because of its easy rules and high excitement. These Braille UNO cards make it accessible for all players while keeping the classic look for sighted players. No...

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  • Playing Card Holder 10 Inch

    Playing Card Holder 10 Inch

    Easily used by those with poor sight or reduced finger control. The 1/2" wide slot opening narrows down to 1/8" for easy entry and good holding area. Made of clear plastic. 2 inches deep x 1 3/8 inches high and 10 inches wide for standard size playing...

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