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Schweizer Pocket Magnifiers

Schweizer hand held magnifiers offer the highest quality optics and a wide range of magnifying powers.  Schweizer Optiks continues to produce innovative design, bringing exciting new products to the optical magnification space.  These LED pocket magnifiers are available in 2 different styles - battery operated and induction charged.  Induction charging makes it much easier to use your magnifier because batteries never have to be changed and no tiny cables are needed for charging.

An innovative element of these magnifiers is the separate snap in mobile base, which can turn the hand held magnifier into a hands free stand magnifier with a simple add-on base.

Established in 1840, SCHWEIZER is one of the oldest owner-managed companies in the German ophthalmic optics sector and boasts one of the world’s largest ranges of specialist visual optical aids.  All products are made in Germany, using the highest quality standards.