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Cooking Aids & Appliances

Cooking Aids and Appliances

Independent living means having to prepare your own meals. For many elderly, this can be one of the hardest things about living alone. Luckily, many new cooking aids and kitchen appliances specialize in allowing the solo chef to prepare healthy and delicious meals in very little time. Products like the George Foreman Grill and the Sunbeam Hot Shot help make preparing foods quick and easy. George Foreman Grills have long been recognized for their low-fat method of cooking and with the cookbooks listed below; the recipes for delight are literally endless. LS&S is all about making lives easier and that includes your life in the kitchen. All of our kitchen appliances and cooking aids listed below are ideal for the family member living on their own. From talking microwaves to jumbo, easy-to-read electronic timers, LS&S has the kitchen appliances and cooking aids necessary to make healthy and easy meals.

  • image: pot minder

    Pot Minder Boil Alert

    The Pot Minder is a wonderful kitchen tool for the visually impaired cook, alerting the user to when a pot of water is boiling and simultaneously helping to ensure that the pot does not boil over.   The ceramic disc begins to chatter in...

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  • Super Oven Glove

    Super Oven Glove

    Remove hot pans from the oven without fear of burning hands.  Glove has silicone grippers on both sides for better gripping and an ambidexterous use.  Glove can withstand heat up to 480°. Single glove, in a single size fit.  Machine...

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  • Splatter Guards - Set of 3

    Splatter Guards - Set of 3

    Splatter guards help keep your stove top clean, even when you can't see the grease.  Makes clean up much easier.  Set of 3 splatter guard allows you to have the right size guard for each of your favorite fry pans.  8", 10", and 11"...

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  • Microhearth Microwave Grill Pan Microhearth Microwave Grill Pan

    Microhearth Microwave Grill Pan

    Microhearth microwave pans use a unique high heat resistant cooking technology which helps keep food moist and flavorful.  Lid with ceramic coating is specially designed for use in the microwave and eliminates the 'microwaves' that often cause food...

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  • Microwave Egg Sandwich Maker Microwave Egg Sandwich Maker

    Microwave Egg Sandwich Maker

    The microwave egg patty maker is the best way to make the perfect shaped egg for an English muffin, croissant or bagel. • Double wall container is cool to the touch when removing from microwave• Easy-release tab slides to release egg from...

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  • Chefman 3.5L Air Fryer

    Chefman 3.5L Air Fryer

    An air fryer evenly circulates hot air at a high speed, allowing you to cook, bake, roast, and fry with ease, in relatively short periods of time. With an adjustable temperature range from 175°-400°F, you can create the crispy fried texture you...

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  • Original Lettuce Knife

    Original Lettuce Knife

    The Original Lettuce Knife is a large, serrated plastic knife that effectively cuts and slices lettuce and most vegetables. Removes the worry of cutting fingers so now you can cut with ease. It also keeps your lettuce from being discolored by metal...

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  • Jar Pop - Glass Jar Top Remover

    Jar Pop - Glass Jar Top Remover

    No more struggling to twist off that pesky jar cap. Pop open vacuum sealed jar lids with this handy kitchen tool instead of tapping and twisting to no avail. This easy pop Jar Key will do the job for you quickly and easily. With this Jar Key jar...

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