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Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

Low Vision Floor Lamps Designed for Optimum Illumination. Floor lamps can make all the difference between comfortably reading a new bestseller and straining to get through your daily newspaper. Floor lamps offer the ideal lighting atmosphere where the light gently flows over your shoulder to splash across the page you’re reading. Eye strain is even lessened with the use of a proper sized floor lamp. As you can see, we have an extensive selection of floor lamps detailed below. From standard low vision floor lamps to premium Dazor magnifying lamps, from the fully adjustable Giraffe floor lamps to the natural light of the Ott light, LS&S has a wide variety of floor lamps to choose from to fit your needs. Imagine the pure joy of sitting comfortably in your easy chair, hearing the spine of the latest hardback crack as you open it up and having plenty of bright light to read by. It’s a feeling that’s all too rare in life, but with a floor lamp, it’s all the more attainable.

  • 10D 2" STAYS  Secondary Lens

    10D 2" STAYS Secondary Lens

    This 10D (3.5X) add on STAYS (Self-Traction Accessory Yield System) Lens is for use with Luxo KFM LED, KFM, WAVE LED, WAVE+Plus, LFM LED and Circus Magnifiers. Simply moisten the silicon gasket around the lens and gently press down to affix the STAYS...

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