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Cooking Aids & Appliances

Cooking Aids and Appliances

Independent living means having to prepare your own meals. For many elderly, this can be one of the hardest things about living alone. Luckily, many new cooking aids and kitchen appliances specialize in allowing the solo chef to prepare healthy and delicious meals in very little time. Products like the George Foreman Grill and the Sunbeam Hot Shot help make preparing foods quick and easy. George Foreman Grills have long been recognized for their low-fat method of cooking and with the cookbooks listed below; the recipes for delight are literally endless. LS&S is all about making lives easier and that includes your life in the kitchen. All of our kitchen appliances and cooking aids listed below are ideal for the family member living on their own. From talking microwaves to jumbo, easy-to-read electronic timers, LS&S has the kitchen appliances and cooking aids necessary to make healthy and easy meals.

  • Select-A-Spice Carousel

    Select-A-Spice Carousel

    The Select-A-Spice Carousel measures out 1/4 teaspoon with each click—perfect for low vision users in the kitchen. Includes 12 canisters on a rotating base and 55 spice labels. Each canister hold 4.5 ounces each. The Select-A-Spice Carousel can...

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    Electric Kettle Electric Kettle

    Electric Kettle

    This Salton® Cordless Electric Jug Kettle allows you to safely heat up water without ever getting near a hot stove. This electric kettle has a minimum capacity of 2 cups and a maximum capacity of 1.7 quarts. It is safer than a stove top kettle and...

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  • image, single cup water heater

    Single Cup Coffee Maker

    This small coffee maker can be used to either make 1 cup of coffee, or quickly heat up water for tea, hot chocolate or soup. Unit can heat between 5 and 10 ounces of water. Unit includes a permanent nylon coffee filter and a ceramic mug. Note: Due...

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  • Robo Twist Automatic Jar Opener

    Robo Twist Automatic Jar Opener

    At last, an automatic jar opener that easily opens tough twist-off jar lids. Simply place the opener on top of the jar, press the large button, and watch the Robo Twist™ get the job done. Works on nearly any jar size and is great for those of us...

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  • Image: microwave pressure cooker Image: microwave pressure cooker with food

    Microwave Pressure Cooker

    Enjoy the benefits of a pressure cooker, with the even faster cooking time of a microwave! Cook meals in minutes. Add your ingredients to the pot; secure the lid, and set your time according to the recipe directions. 2.5 Quart capacity. Recipe book...

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  • Flexible Cutting Boards

    Flexible Cutting Boards

    People with low vision can find the best contrast for them with this pack of 4 multi-colored cutting boards. Different foods may require different colors—a blue board for a carrot, a red board for an egg. These flexible boards allow users to easily...

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  • 13" Oven Mitt Flame Retardant

    13" Oven Mitt Flame Retardant

    If you use oven mitts that cover more of your arm, you run less risk of burning yourself in the kitchen. Better coverage than a square potholder for better protection. This oven mitt is rated up to 400 degrees and is flame retardant. Measurement: From...

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  • 15" Oven Mitt Flame Retardant

    15" Oven Mitt Flame Retardant

    These 15" long oven mitts cover most of your arms, running less risk of burning yourself in the kitchen. These oven mitts are flame retardant and can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees. * Sold singularly, order 2 if you would like a pair of oven...

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  • 17" Flame Retardant Oven Mitt

    17" Flame Retardant Oven Mitt

    If you use oven mitts that cover most of your arms, your run less risk of burning yourself in the kitchen. This is the 17 inch long version for even greater protection of your hand and arm when reaching within the oven or handling hot pots and pans. ...

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