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Money Organization

Money Organization
Check Registers, Record Keeping and Other Money Organization Tools

People with low vision can be susceptible to money management problems. A single misplaced number can mean a bounced check, or at least a veritable headache trying to sort things out! Thanks to extra-large check registers, the visually impaired can keep better track of their money and generally have an easier time with their record keeping. Large bold lettering on bright white paper makes it easy to designate what each column is for and the areas for your financial information is generous and wide. These check registers are spiral bound for durability and flexibility, and once tried, we’re confident you’ll appreciate their easy to use design. To make your record keeping as organized as possible, we offer everything from money identifiers to check writing guides.

  • Money Organizer Wallet - Red

    Money Organizer Wallet - Red

    This Money Organizer Wallet is designed especially for the visually impaired. This organizer has four separate compartments for one, five, ten, and twenty dollar bills, as well as three separate change purses. It also has multiple slots for credit cards...

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  • Mens Wallet

    Mens Wallet

    This bi-fold wallet has three long horizontal currency slots at the top. Each inside panel has a three credit card slots and a Handheld beneath. The set-up of this wallet is convenient for visually impaired people. When closed, this wallet measures...

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  • Leather Coin Purse

    Leather Coin Purse

    This leather coin purse has four separate compartments for four different coins. The separation is helpful for visually impaired people. This coin purse fans out like an accordion and snaps closed.

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