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Desk Lamps

Desk Lamps

Desk lamps in all forms are available from LS&S. Our selection of attractive, simple to operate desk lamps makes it easier to see newspapers, magazines and other reading material. Desk lamps make the atmosphere much brighter and give off a light that will allow for strain-free viewing.

  • Luxo Lamp Black

    Luxo Lamp Black

    With full 360 degree rotation and a 45 inch reach for lighting optimization, the Luxo lamp is the perfect low vision lamp. This lamp comes with a 23 watt CFL, so this lamp is ready to provide easy to see light right out of the box. Features Tension...

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  • LED Adjustable Beam Desk Lamp

    LED Adjustable Beam Desk Lamp

    Here is a desktop version of our item number 401088 LED Adjustable Beam Floor Lamp. This light features a high intensity 5W LED bulb which can be adjusted by turning its unique anodized aluminum shade changing the width and the intensity its lighting. ...

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  • Big Eye Combination Desk Lamp

    Big Eye Combination Desk Lamp

    The Big Eye lamp is the epitome of high intensity magnification. This lamp offers a combination of light and magnification power that allows users with low vision to easily magnify their materials in the right light. The light and lens can be used...

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  • Image - Uno Pro Desk Lamp Image - Uno Pro Desk Lamp over book

    Uno Pro LED Desk Lamp

    These slim, flexible lamps have a modern design and sleek finish. 28 high performance, energy efficient daylight LEDs provide high light output over a large area. The very flexible arm allows you to position light in nearly any position you may need,...

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  • Table Lamp

    Table Lamp

    This table lamp version of lamp 30302 has an inner reflector that helps increase the intensity of a regular incandescent while keeping it much cooler than a halogen bulb. This lamp provides bright, overall light that is great for low vision individuals...

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