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Handsfree Magnification

Hands Free Magnifiers

Continue Getting the Work Done with Hands Free Magnifiers. Hands free magnifiers are ideal for the person who has to keep both hands available when working on a project or reading a book. By offering exceptional magnification, the hands free magnifiers listed below allow the individual with low vision to still be able to continue to do the things they love and enjoy. Even if you have no vision problems, the OptiVISOR, Opticaid and clip-on magnifiers can greatly enhance your vision when working on projects that require detailed precision. OptiVISOR magnifiers are even utilized by doctors and jewelers alike because of their durability and quality magnification. With many different styles of hands free magnifiers available, from over-the-neck magnifiers to visors to magnifiers that get clipped to glasses, LS&S has all of your magnification needs covered.