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  • Orbit Reader 40

    Orbit Reader 40

    The Orbit Reader 40 is a unique 3-in-1 electronic braille device that serves as a self- contained note-taker, braille display, and book reader. It also can connect to a computer or smartphone via USB or Bluetooth. Supported systems and programs include...

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  • Super Oven Glove

    Super Oven Glove

    Remove hot pans from the oven without fear of burning hands.  Glove has silicone grippers on both sides for better gripping and an ambidexterous use.  Glove can withstand heat up to 480°. Single glove, in a single size fit.  Machine...

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  • Black 3.5X Magnifier Lamp

    Black 3.5X Magnifier Lamp

    Flourescent lamp offers 3.5X (10D) of magnification to provide illuminated, hands free viewing for small tasks.   • Magnification: 3.5x, 10 Diopters• Lens diameter: 3-1/2”• Glass lens• Fluorescent bulb• 12”...

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  • Splatter Guards - Set of 3

    Splatter Guards - Set of 3

    Splatter guards help keep your stove top clean, even when you can't see the grease.  Makes clean up much easier.  Set of 3 splatter guard allows you to have the right size guard for each of your favorite fry pans.  8", 10", and 11"...

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  • Measuring Cup and Spoon Set

    Measuring Cup and Spoon Set

    OXO SoftWorks measuring cups and spoons have high contrast size markings in different colors, making it easier to tell one size from another.  4 cups include 1, 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 Cup sizes.  4 spoons include 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2...

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  • amplified headphone image 1 amplified headphone right skew

    Amplified Headphones

    Clarity's amplified headset pairs with mobile devices, tablets or other wireless devices so you can enjoy listening to music or phone calls at a sound level that works best for you.  Two hearing profiles can further enhance your listening experience...

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  • RainCane RainCane


    Two in one design offers both a sturdy, detachable walking cane and a full size umbrella.  When used as a cane, umbrella is twisted closed and tip of the umbrella is the walking tip. When it rains, remove the umbrella from the cane shaft. You still...

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  • Blue Blocker Reading Glasses Blue Blocker Reading Glasses

    Blue Blocker Reading Glasses

    Many different devices emit visible blue light.  This can include all of our electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, and tablets, as well as LED bulbs with high (5,000+) Kelvin temperatures.  Blue light can be quite bad for our...

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